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GeoEnvi Tech Cameroon is a leading GIS (Geographic Information System) company in Cameroon that specializes in providing innovative and comprehensive geospatial solutions to various industries that deals with gathering, storing, processing and delivering spatially referenced information.

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GeoEnvi Tech, also known as GeT, is a privately held company specializing in GIS and Remote Sensing, surveying and mapping, headquartered in Buea, southWest Region of Cameroon with international office in the United Kingdom. The company offers holistic solutions in GIS snd Remote sensing, surveying, mapping, and project management. GeT is committed to providing complete solutions, utilizing cutting-edge technology and advanced geospatial tools to ensure precise data collection, analysis, and visualization

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Empowering Projects through Comprehensive Geospatial Services

Geo location and mapping

Geo-location depends on coordinates to precisely identify particular points on the Earth’s surface. These coordinates are established through Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) like GPS (Global Positioning System). Our role involves creating and managing spatial databases to support the creation of urban, regional, natural resource, business, and utility network databases, both for prototyping and large-scale production. In addition to GIS database development, GeT provides various other geospatial and mapping services.

Topographical Surveying

Topographic surveying plays a crucial role in Cameroon and beyond, heavily depending on precise surveying and mapping methodologies. It involves delivering precise measurements and mapping of locations essential for engineering and construction endeavors. This includes aiding in the planning and arrangement of various infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, pipelines, and buildings. Additionally, it involves setting up reference points and markers at construction sites to ensure accurate placement of structures and utilities. Collaborating with architects, consulting engineers, local authorities, and government entities is integral to successfully executing major infrastructure and construction ventures.


Cadastral Surveying

Cadastral surveying in Cameroon commonly involves acquiring legal ownership of land or carrying out land-related transactions within the nation. Cameroon has precise laws and guidelines governing land ownership and management. Our surveying and mapping department consists of skilled professionals who are registered surveyors.


High Resolution Satellite & Drone/UAV


GeoEnvi Tech Cameroon offers high-resolution satellite and drone/UAV imaging services for various industries. Their advanced technologies provide detailed visual data, revolutionizing decision-making processes. With satellite images, they enable precise land cover mapping, environmental monitoring, and infrastructure planning. Their drone/UAV imaging services offer site surveys, precision agriculture solutions, and real estate assessments. By leveraging these services, businesses can make informed decisions, optimize processes, and gain valuable insights for succes


Remote Sensing including LiDAR Services

Remote sensing technologies like LiDAR services are transforming the observation and analysis of the Earth’s surface. Utilizing satellites, aircraft, drones, or ground-based sensors, they collect data without direct physical contact. These services offer extensive coverage, detailed imagery, and accurate 3D mapping, benefiting various fields including precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, disaster management, and infrastructure planning. They improve crop management, facilitate effective disaster response, and refine infrastructure design processes.

Some Other Popular Services We Provide

  • Spatial & Land use Planning Services

  • Mobile & Web Mapping Applications

  • Navigation and Geo-Location Analytics

  • Map Design and Production Services

  • Geospatial Intelligence Solutions

  • Real time GPS Asset Tracking Service

  • Hydrographic/bathymetric solution

  • 2D Modelling

  • 3D Modelling

  • Assets managements

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Executive Director (ED)

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Director of Human Resource

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UK Branch Coordinator

Ashutayong Shirazi Mantire

Chief Financial Officer

Wiyeh Simo

Project Coordinator

Nkemndem Agendia Demianus

GIS Analysis

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Unparalleled Insights Through Advanced Imaging Technologies


GIS has applications in various industries such as urban planning, real estate, environmental management, transportation and logistics, utilities and infrastructure, natural resource management, agriculture, emergency management, and public health, to name just a few.


Yes, we provide comprehensive data collection services, including Data acquisition, cleaning, Processing and validating spatial data. We also offer advanced analysis techniques, such as spatial modeling, geostatistics, and spatial querying, to extract meaningful insights from your data.


GIS can provide valuable insights and help you make informed decisions. It enables you to analyze market trends, optimize resource allocation, improve logistics and routing, identify suitable locations for expansion, track assets, and visualize data in a spatial context, among many other applications.


GIS can provide valuable insights and help you make informed decisions. It enables you to analyze market trends, optimize resource allocation, improve logistics and routing, identify suitable locations for expansion, track assets, and visualize data in a spatial context, among many other applications.


Data security is a top priority for us. We employ industry best practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. We have robust data backup and disaster recovery measures in place, and we strictly adhere to data protection regulations.